Dear Kings and Queens,

did you ever actually question who organizes, planes, and realizes the event you experience? The Royals Cup could never take place without all the Active Members committing their time and energy to organize the enjoyable weekend you will never forget.

In six different committees, our Actives and Board members work together the whole year. All of us work with a lot of passion and fun, while we are always aware of the responsibility that comes with organizing an event of this magnitude. The committees are split into different topics, and each chaired by one board member. Besides weekly meetings in each team, there is a lot of interaction between the subgroups, as we all count on functioning and dependable communication.

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University Relations Committee

Our University Relations Committee is responsible for the contact with participating and potential universities. During the event, they are the contact persons for the teams' spirit captains, in case there are any questions or difficultties.

Public Relations Committee

Our Public Relations Committee assumes RC's creative roles. They design and spread all the promotion for our parties, recruitment- and information events, and the Royals Cup itself.

Event Management Committee

Our Event Management Committee organizes all parties during the year. These include the parties during the year, open to everyone, and the evening activities during the event itself. Their responsibilities range from booking a location to planning the decoration and much much more.

External Relations Management

Our External Relations Committee acquires RC's sponsors. These do not only support us financially but supply goodies, food and most importantly, a variety of them is present at our Company Fare during the event.

Operations Management Committee

Our Operations Management Committee plans the event and its setup thoroughly. They book all facilities and utensils needed during the Royals Cup, making sure that the event is going according to plan.

Sports Management Committee

Our Sports Management Committee plans and schedule all sports tournaments during the Royals Cup. They make sure that all participants get the chance to compete in fair, fun and structured games.