Dear Kings and Queens,

we are very happy and proud to present you the fifth edition of the international sports competition in Maastricht: WELCOME TO THE ROYALS CUP 2019!

We would like to introduce you to this years board which feels honored to be the fifth crew to organize this tradition, which was founded in 2015. It is an incredible opportunity and responsibilty to organize such an event and make new friends with business students from countries all across Europe! We work the entire year to make the ROYALS CUP become a reality and even bigger and better.


Edoardo Giudice


My name is Edoardo Giudice, I am 21 years old and I am the president of Royals Cup. I am Italian and grew up in a small town near Venice. After finishing my high school I decided to continue my studies abroad and I choose to come to the Netherlands to complete my Bachelor in International Business.
As the president of Royals Cup, I am responsible for the relations within and outside our organization, making me responsible for representing it internally and externally. Besides this, my main task is to maintain the relations with the University and make sure that together with the rest of the board the organization of the event goes as planned. I aim to support and assist my fellow board members where possible and as well chair our meetings. I am also the contact person for the SBE board, student council and work closely with the student representative. Next to these, I aim to create a comforting work and friendly environment for everyone in our association.
My main motivation for taking part in Royals Cup is the great amount of personal experience that I expect to achieve. I am convinced my organizational and social skills will very positively benefit from this opportunity. Alongside, I decided to take part in the Royals Cup as an opportunity to enlarge my network of people and for my interest in taking part in an independent association not related to University.

Friedrich Bücker


My name is Friedrich, I am from Mönchengladbach in Germany. I am the Treasurer of the Royals Cup 2019. My goal for this year is to make the event an unforgettable experience for every student participating. The reason for joining the Royals Cup Board this year is that I like the idea of a sports event bringing together young students from all over Europe, giving them the possibility to meet new people, compete in various sports disciplines and experience this unique event. As the Treasurer my job will be to handle all the financials leading up to and during the event.

Lea Cebula

Public Relations and Uni-Relations

My name is Lea Cebula and I am excited to be the PR and University Relations Manager of Royals Cup 2019. My goal for this year is to bring even more international Universities from all over Europe to Maastricht and since I am also responsible for the first image externals get I have the great opportunity to not only show who we are but also what motivates us.
I am looking forward to that journey and to working together with amazing people and committees!

Saskia Lieder

Event Management

My name is Saskia Lieder and I will be responsible for the Event Management of Royals Cup 2019. I am really excited to realize some of the ideas that I have in mind in order to create amazing and memorable events for students, active members and participants of the RC. This is a great opportunity to unite people and create life-long experiences and memories.
I am really glad that I got this position and I am looking forward to this year and to a great collaboration with my committee!

Niklas Bose

External Relations Management

My name is Niklas Bose and I am 22 years old. Currently, I am participating in the master in International Business with a specialisation in Supply Chain Management. Previously, I finished my bachelor in International Business at Maastricht University’s School of Business and Economics.
After being technical support manager for ROYALS CUP 2017 and a volunteer last year, this is my board year, where I try to bring in all the expertise I have gained in the past.
Royals Cup has the power to unite students and companies from all over Europe. Furthermore, it creates an amazing group of students, who all strive to organise this event together and making our 5th anniversary as perfect as possible.
My personal goal this year is to organise a value adding company fair together with my committee, which should be value adding for students and our partners and therefore Royals Cup. I am looking forward to ROYALS CUP 2019 and hope that we can exceed the expectations of students and especially our partners’.

Jairaj Gopalakrishnan

Operations Management

My name is Jairaj Gopalakrishnan and I am the Operations Manager for Royals Cup 2019. I am a second year Emerging Markets student from India. This is my second experience with Royals Cup and it has been an amazing adventure so far and I am looking forward to having all participants back in our Kingdom for 2019.

Gina Stein

Sports Management

My Name is Gina and I am 21 years old, currently studying IB in the second year. I was born in the Netherlands but grew up in Germany.
When I first joined the Royals Cup Crew a year ago, my intention was to learn more about Sports Management because that is what I want to do after my studies. By now, Royals Cup became an important part of my student life and I decided to join the Board as Sports Manager.
One of my favourite aspects of Royals Cup is the spirit every university shows and all the emotions that are being created.
My goal for RC19 is to build an even fairer and greater sports competition which brings different universities from all over Europe together.