Dear Kings and Queens,

we are very happy and proud to present you the fourth edition of the international sports competition in Mastricht: WELCOME TO THE ROYALS CUP 2018!

We would like to introduce you to this years board which feels honored to be the fourth crew to organize this tradition, which was founded in 2015. It is an incredible opportunity and resonsibilty to organize such an event and make new friends with business students from countries all across Europe! We work the entire year to make the ROYALS CUP become a reality and even bigger and better.


Berenice Brettner


My name is Berenice, I am 20 years old and from Bonn, Germany. I have always enjoyed doing sports which is why I wanted to be part of Royals Cup. Royals Cup is a great event for students from universities across Europe to get together build up friendships, show their spirit and have a great time while participating in competitive sports. In the position as the president, my main task is to coordinate the activities and tasks of all board members and to constantly know about all different committees to establish a total overview of the current preparation for RC18

Mika van Helden

Tresurer/ Secretary

My name is Mika and I am the treasurer and secretary for #RC18. I am from Sittard, the Netherlands, so I grew up close to Maastricht, which provides me with a lot of local knowledge. Royals Cup for me is bringing together students from the whole Europe and give them an memorable experience in Maastricht. Since Royals Cup is a non-profit organization, my goal is to create the most value possible for the Royals Cup participants.

Melissa Hermanns

Public Relations Manager

I'm Melissa, 19 years old and a 2nd year IB student. I am German and the PR Manager of Royals Cup 2018. I am a creative, open-minded person that is passionate about photography, filming, sports, and drawing which is one of the reasons why I choose this position. As PR manager I am in charge of all the social media and furthermore, creating a marketing strategy to make people aware of Royals Cup. With my great committee we are designing all the visible parts of RC, be it the website, social media posts, or flyers.

Caro Schmidt

Event Manager

I’m Caroline 21 years old from Frankfurt, Germany. I am the head of the Event Committee and I am responsible for Parties and Active member evenings. What I like most about Royals Cup is that it brings people together and builds a community with students from different countries and ages but all with the same goal. Royals Cup connects. My goal for Royals Cup 2018 is to spread good spirits and make people enjoy themselves at our parties.

Samuel Lytton

External Relations Manager

My name is Samuel. My mother is German and my Dad is American and British and I grew up in Munich. My hobbies are all kinds of sports, especially football, meeting and hanging out with friends, going out, reading books and watching series. Royals Cup is about coming together throughout the whole year with the common goal of creating a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone. My goal for next years´ event is to find even more great Sponsors and more value-adding goodies with the aim to make the event even more attractive.

Juliane von Küster

University Relations Manager

I'm Juliane and the University Relations Manager. I am 20 years old and come from Wiesbaden in Germany. Together with my great team, we pass updates to the spirit captains and make sure that all important information reaches the external universities. I love the idea of bringing together students with diverse heritages, but all having the same aim: showing their team spirit to us! My aim for RC18 is to bring even more international students from across Europe together in Maastricht and make them have an unforgettable time!

Izzy Mehigan

Operations/ Sports Manager

My name is Isabelle Mehigan and I am the Operations and Sports Manager for Royals Cup.I am a second-year EOR student from Ireland. I have been a part of Royals Cup since I arrived in Maastricht and have loved every minute of it. I'm excited to play such an important role in Royals Cup this year. Royals Cup has been a fantastic way to build my skills outside of my coursework while introducing me to students from all over Europe. Royals Cup is special to me because as organizers, we work with the participants to create the best atmosphere possible.