What is the ROYALS CUP?

The ROYALS CUP is an annual three-day sports and recruitment event for the best Business Schools from across Europe. It is hosted by students of Maastricht University – School of Business and Economics in Maastricht, Netherlands. ROYALS CUP is a non-profit student organization. About 900 participants from 15+ universities compete in seven different sport disciplines against each other with one common goal: to win the spirit cup!

About Royals Cup

The best European Business Schools fight to win in what shall be the biggest international sports competition among Universities in the south of The Netherlands! The Royals Cup will take place for the sixth time in 2020 from the 16th to the 19th of April and will be an exciting event in Maastricht which you do not want to miss. Organized by students we are seeking to create an independent event organized by Maastricht University students. We aim to create a weekend that connects students from leading business schools with diverse cultural backgrounds, different business studies, and amazing spirits into one international community! Are you ready to participate and take home the ROYALS CUP 2020?

To get a first impression: